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Below schedule is subject to change due to the health department regulations.


MAR:      9th    Board Meeting   6:30 pm

               21st  Higan-E & Monthly Service & Memorial   11:00 am   Facebook Live

                        Bento Box & Ohagi Drive-through   12 noon to 1 pm

APR:       4h     Zenshuji & LABTF  Hanamatsuri   10:30 am   Facebook Live at LABTF

              13th   Board Meeting   630 pm

              18h    Monthly Service & Memorial   11 am   Facebook Live



Are you good at Origami? Help us make paper cranes for our 100th Anniversary! Please see the flyer on the right for more information.




Setsubun-E was held on February 7th and Nehan-E / Feb Monthly Service was held on the 21st.  Here are the videos which were live-streamed on Facebook Live.

Nehan-e Dharma talk in Japanese by Rev. Toho.

February Monthly Service

Talk by Rev Toho in Jpn

Setsubun Service



For almost 100 years, Zenshuji Soto Mission has been providing spiritual needs and cultural attractions to Los Angeles and the surrounding communities.  We are grateful and appreciative to everyone for their support, dedication and endeavor especially our members, families and friends.  This past year has been challenging, stressful and restrictive but with the new and better vaccines and more information and knowledge about the Coronavirus, we will be able to continue with good health, mindfulness,  safety at home, and possibly one day meet together.


Ten years ago we made a major improvement at Zenshuji’s  90th Anniversary celebration.   Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to upgrade Zenshuji in various ways.  We painted the railings/fences, replace chain link fence with iron wrought, replaced a few of the sliding doors in the Nikko Building, replaced some windows in the main Temple, replaced entry doors w/windows, remodeled the social hall Kitchen, replace floor tiles and many smaller projects to bring Zenshuji into code.  


We are now approaching our 100th Anniversary in 2022 and look forward to more upgrades to Zenshuji.  Our ancestors have helped us tremendously to keep the Spiritual, Cultural and Educational Activities alive at Zenshuji.   We would like to continue with the various needs of the members and friends such as Monthly/Memorial   Services, Funerals, Personal Services, Buddhist Classes, Cultural Classes and Activities, Health and Safety Classes, and many other events.  Due to Covid-19 it has been difficult to hold many of these events and activities.   


The 100th Anniversary Committee, with Atsuko Kubota as Chairperson, is planning on activities for the upcoming event.  Major projects prioritized by the committee and ministers are: Expansion of the Nokotsudo, Repositioning the Handicap Parking and Ramp Location, Developing a Zenshuji History Book, Jukai-E Project, and staging a Ceremony and Banquet.  Your contribution will help make this event a proud moment for our ancestors and future generations.  We will inform you how to participate in our next letter.  


Professor Giacomo Bono once said, “Life is more meaningful when we express ‘gratitude’ regularly and intentionally.”  It’s a character strength within ourselves developed through our parents & grandparents and a character we want to instill in our next generation to be use in various ways.  Professor Bono also mentioned that “like mindfulness and meditation if you don’t practice ‘gratitude’ genuinely, then it just doesn’t work.”  


Zenshuji Soto Mission’s Ministers and Board of Directors are looking forward to the upcoming 100th Anniversary Year.  We hope to find a balance in the future with this pandemic and Zenshuji so we can all enjoy the festivities and each other’s company.  Zenshuji is looking forward to the future with gratitude, positive thoughts and happy gatherings.


In Gassho,  


Rev. Shumyo Kojima, Zenshuji Head Minister

Rev. Daiki Toho, Zenshuji Minister

Howard Miyoshi, Zenshuji President

Carolyn Abe Hashiba, Chairperson of Board of Directors

Atsuko Kubota, 100th Anniversary Committee Chairperson

HIGAN-E and BENTO Drive-Through


The Ohigan service will be observed on Sunday, March 21st from 11 am at the main hall of Zenshuji. We hope you can join us. Please call us at 1(213) 624-8658, to secure a seat in advance since we have to limit the number of the participants unfortunately.


The service is scheduled from 11 am to 12 noon for one hour. Also, we are selling Ohagi and Ohigan Bento Box with pre-orders in a drive through style from 12 noon to 1 pm. Even if you or your family cannot come to the (A)Zenshuji or (B)Gardena Buddhist Church, the ministers and volunteers can (C)deliver them to your house as long as you are in LA country or Orange county. Please R.S.V.P. by March 17th using the order form below. If you have any

further questions, feel free to contact us at 1(213) 624-8658. We truly look forward to seeing you all.


English Order Form