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AUG:      11th     Board Meeting

               16th     Jizo-Bon & Obon Celebration Fundraiser  11 am- 1 pm

                    (Besides in-person, Jozo-Bon service will be livestreamed online by
Facebook Live)


Below schedule is subject to change due to the health department regulations.


SEP:        6th    Garden Cleaning   9 am

                7th    Labor Day - Temple closed

                8th    Board Meeting

              13th    Higan-E, Monthly Service & Memorial ONLINE  11 am

              27th    Otakiage (Burning Ceremony) at Huntington State Beach  11 am



We have finally set up online donation. Please check the DONATION page using the fourth navigation tab on the left. If you have any questions, please email



On August 16th, we will have Jizo-Bon service from 11 am in front of Jizo statues outside. The service will be live streamed again on Facebook Live with Dharma talks in English and Japanese. During the livestream, we will transmit pre-recorded musical performances such as the koto musical group, etc.. The whole ceremony will be outside, so you are welcome to join us without reservation. We will also be selling Hannya Shingyo masks before and after the ceremony.


People over 65 years old or with health conditions are encouraged to stay home and join in online.   Please contact the temple if you have any questions. We look forward to your participation in any way.



Just one day before Los Angeles prohibited churches to have indoor worships again due to increasing number of Covid-19 cases, Zenshuji’s Obon Services were held on Saturday, July 11th and Sunday, July 12th.  Two services were performed each day at 11:00am and 2:00pm.  It was the first time since the Covid 19 pandemic put us in ‘Stay at Home’ recommendation that we had members and friends attend the service.   Due to the Covid 19 still spreading within the County of Los Angeles, special precautions were taken.


Rev. Kojima, Rev. Toho and Rev. Miyazaki read and discussed the precaution necessary and how to implement the regulations.  Sunil Vernekar, Obon Chairperson, also participated in the success of the Service.  These were some of the safety issues taken to keep members safe:


• Hondo was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized

• Signs were posted in all visible locations

• Self-distancing stickers were placed on the floor

• Pews were numbered for seating (25% of total capacity is allowed to attend)

• Reservations were taken for those who wanted to attend

• Goeika was done by a pre-recorded tape.  Some members were present to follow the tape and use the bell and gong but no singing.

• Temperature was taken at the entrance for those attending

• Masks were worn at all times.  Extra masks were available

• Water bottles were available

• Hand sanitizing stations were available

• Mini envelopes with ‘senko’ inside were handed out prior to the service

• Ushers were present to help people find their seats in a timely manner

• Receptionists were ready to take the Ofuse and Memorial Service Envelopes

• Offering of Incense  pattern started from the outer isles and exit was up the middle isle

• Many other precautions were in place


Also the services were live streamed on Facebook Live. You can see the videos on Facebook from the links below. Raffles were drawn after the 2pm service on July 12th.


Obon Service 7/11 - 11 am

Dharma Talk by Rev. Daiki Toho in Japanese

Dharma Talk by Rev. Howard Miyoshi in English


Obon Service 7/11 -  2 pm

Dharma Talk by Rev. Dokan Kojima in Japanese

Dharma Talk by Rev. Ryokō Miyazaki in English


Obon Service 7/12 - 11 am

Dharma Talk by Rev. Ryokō Miyazaki in Japanese

Dharma Talk by Rev. Daiki Toho in English


Obon Service 7/12 - 2 pm

Dharma Talk by Rev. Dokan Kojima in English

Dharma Talk by Rev. Shumyo Kojima in Japanese

Raffle Drawings


Thank you for all those who attended the Services.  

Your participation is of upmost importance to us and

we hope it was of comfort to you.   We look forward to

seeing you again soon.


Obon Service 7/11 2pm

Obon Service 7/11 11am

Obon Service 7/12 11am

Obon Service 7/12 2pm