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SETSUBUN - Bean Throwing Ceremony


This service is to celebrate the changing of the Winter Season to the Spring Season.  In the homes, a ‘mame-maki’ or bean throwing ceremony is held to drive out the evil spirits.  The beans are thrown and meant to pierce the devil’s eyes.  


At Zenshuji those born the year of the Chinese Zodiac Animal, which this year is the Boar,  will throw the beans while yelling: “Fuku wa uchi; oni was soto” or “Good Luck enter; devil depart”.  If one eats these roasted beans equal in number to one’s own age, good luck will follow.


Darumas are sold at the Setsubun Service as a symbol of Good Luck.  On the back side a message is written such as Good Family Health, Successful Business, etc. and the Darumas are blessed and taken home.  Come early to purchase and have your Daruma message blessed. Also fund-raiser raffles will follow the service. Raffle tickets are $20.00 donation per book or $2.00 donation per ticket, 10 tickets per book.


1st Prize: $500.00

2nd Prize: $400.00

3rd Prize: $300.00

4th Prize: $200.00

5th Prize: $100.00


You are cordially invited to attend the Setsubun Service at

Zenshuji on Sunday, February 3rd at 11:00 am. We scheduled

the service earlier this year so people can watch the Super Bowl

in the afternoon. We look forward to your attendance and taking

home some of the bags with mame (beans) that will be thrown

at the service.


APPLICATION To Be the Bean-Thrower  年男年女豆撒き申込書  




FEB:       3rd      Setsubun-E (Bean-Throwing Ceremony)   11:00 am

              12th     Directors’ Meeting   7:30 pm

              17th     Fujinkai Meeting  10 am

                          Nehan-E & Monthly Service & Memorial   11 am

              18th     Presidents’ Day - Temple closed

              24th     Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Japanese  11 am


MAR:       1st     Casino Night Preparation

                2nd    Casino Night & Silent Auction   6 pm

               12th    Board Meeting   7:30 pm

               17th    Fujinkai Meeting  10 am

                           Bake & Craft Sales   10:30 am

                           Higan-E & Monthly Service & Memorial   11 am

               31st    Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Japanese  11 am




Zenshuji's 12th annual Casino Night and Silent Auction fundraiser is coming soon! Tell your family and friends to save this date: Saturday, March 2nd (6:00 PM to 11:00 PM)


We need your help with ticket sales, table sponsors, and donations for the silent auction ~ please do what you can today!


Casino Night Festivities:

The night's festivities include a dinner buffet, entertainment, drink tickets, raffle tickets, gambling chips to play casino games, and the chance to bid on silent auction items.


Tickets: $30 donation (pre-sale - available now), $35 donation (at the door)

You can buy the tickets from any Board Members  or the ministers.


Casino Table Sponsors:

We are in need of table sponsors ($100 donation, name displayed on the table) and cash patrons (cash donations of any amount to help defray costs).


Silent Auction Donors:

We are soliciting donations for the silent auction.  Times are tight for many of us but there are several ways to help.  Have some wine, beer or empty gift baskets left over from the holidays?  A gift card that you can part with?  Have a friend that is is a hair stylist?  Just about anything can become a silent auction item. Any gesture big or small is greatly appreciated. Contributions are tax deductible. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:


* Tickets to movies, concerts, sporting events, plays, museums and theme parks

* Framed photography or artwork

* Hand-made arts and crafts

* Produce, plants, yard and garden items

* Collectible antiques

* Gift certificates to restaurants, retail stores, hair salons, golf courses and car washes, etc.

* A weekend at a timeshare or other vacation package

* Sports club memberships

* Netflix subscriptions

* CDs, DVDs, computer/console games, books, audio books, iTunes credits, etc

* Themed Gift baskets such as Movie gifts(DVD, movie tickets, popcorn, candy, etc.) Wine gifts(bottles of wine, cheese, crackers, etc.), Cooking gifts(cook books, cooking ingredients, cooking utensils/equipment)


With the exception of collectible antiques, we request donations of new items for the silent auction please!


Please use the form below for your donations.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the temple.

Thank you in advance for you support!