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DEC:     Nov 27th - Dec 3rd   Rohatsu Sesshin   6 am - 8 pm

              4th       Fujinkai Meeting  10 am

                          Jodo-E, Monthly Service & Memorial   11 am

              11th     Omigaki, Garden Cleaning   9am

                          Goeika Osame   1pm

             13th     Directors’ Meeting   7:30 pm

             17th     Mochigome Washing   8am

             18th     Mochitsuki   7 am

              24th    Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in English  11 am

              25th    Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Japanese  11 am

              26th    Christmas Day Observed - temple closed

              31st    Year-end Service   4 pm


JAN:       1st      Shusho-E: New Year’s Service   10 am

               2nd - 4th     Temple closed

              10th      Board Meeting    7:30 pm

              16th     Martin Luther King Jr’s Day  - temple closed

              22nd    Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Japanese  11 am

               28th    Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in English  11 am

               29th    Fujinkai Meeting  1 pm

                           Monthly Service & Memorial   2 pm

                           Annual All Members’ General Meeting    3 pm

                           New Year’s Party   5pm

ROHATSU SESSHIN - NOV 27th to DEC 3rd      


You are all invited to attend Rohatsu Sesshin, our one and only

sesshin of the year at Zenshuji. (A sesshin is a week-long retreat

in which people devote themselves to zazen.) This year, Rohatsu

Sesshin will begin on Sunday, Nov. 27th, and conclude at

midnight on Sat. Dec. 3rd.


Three meals will be served each day. For those who plan to join us for meals, it would be good to know if you are planning to eat with us. If you are planning to sit for quite a bit of the sesshin, please send an email to to register. We often get more people sitting with us on Sunday and particularly on Saturday, the last day. There is a suggested donation of $50- 150, on a sliding scale depending on your situation. Please come and join us, even if you can only sit for an hour or two.




We will have the annual end-of-the-year Mochitsuki (mochi pounding) at Zenshuji on Sunday  December 18th from 7am to 5pm. We need a lot of muscle power to pound a lot of mochi rice. Please help us whenever you can. If you are ordering mochi, please mail/hand in the mochi order form below by the 13th. Every year we have people asking to buy but they did not order.   Remember, we order the mochigome (mochi rice) by the order form counts.   Please help us to be more accurate.  Order As Soon As Possible.

One pound of small mochi = $5; Okasane-Mochi 1 set = $8


We also have Mochigome washing on Saturday,

December 17th from 8am.




Our Year-End service will be at 4 pm on December 31st. Please join us to end the year calmly and spiritually.



Select Parking is operating the parking lot business at Zenshuji.  So far so good.  The company is on a six months trial period.   The company is managed by Heriberto “Herb” of Little Tokyo Car Wash.  They also operate the lot on Rose & First Street right next to and behind Kato Sewing Machines.


We have run into some problems such as a need for better lighting in the lot; need for surveillance cameras; need for safety procedures for everyone.  Andrew and Howard are currently checking into the list and working closely with Kojima sensei and Toho sensei.


So far the Board feels this trial period has been successful and providing additional revenue for the Temple.   There is flexibility when events are held at the Temple such as funerals, major services, private memorial services, cultural events, etc.


The Board will be reviewing the operation, discuss any additional needs, discuss any improvements and decide if we should continue with the project.  We look forward to any comments from our membership and friends.  You may email us at with any comments or concerns.  We are anxious to hear from our membership and appreciate your thoughts.



               First and Hewitt Street

               Los Angeles, CA  90012

               (They will deliver your car to the Temple parking lot after they finish washing your car
               if asked)