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Zenshuji is a Sōtō Zen temple dedicated to bringing the 2,500-year-old teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha to America as illuminated by Dōgen Zenji and Keizan Zenji, the Two Founders of Sōtō Zen Buddhism.


Our mission is to offer the ethnically diverse area of greater Los Angeles guidance in Sōtō Zen practice for those interested in satisfying spiritual, intellectual, and social needs.


Zenshuji is located in the heart of Los Angeles in the Little Tokyo/Arts District area. We offer Zen practice for all people in a unique Japanese-style setting.


Please join us. Zenshuji is an oasis of calm in the midst of the fast pace of urban life.


1922年創立以来、九十年の歴史がある曹洞宗北米両大本山別院禅 宗寺。禅仏教、道元禅師の教えと共に、法要・冠婚葬祭はもとより、 節分・お盆祭り・七五三など四季折々の日本の行事、茶道や日本語な どの日本文化教室、日系人の社交イベントなど、多岐にわたる活動・ 行事で南カリフォルニア日系社会やダウンタウン・リトルトーキョー 地域に貢献しています。


Nov 8 -   Chasen Kuyo; Tea ceremony 茶筅供養

Nov 15 - Shichi-Go-San 七五三

Nov 22 - Monthly Service &  Memorial 祥月法要

Nov 29 - Dec 5 - Rohatsu Sesshin 臘八摂心

Dec 6 -   Jodo-E 成道会

Dec 13 - Garden Cleaning/Omigaki/Goeika Osame


Dec 26 - Mochigome Washing 糯米洗い

Dec 27 - Mochitsuki 餅つき

Dec 31 - Year-End Service 年末諷経


Please see Temple News page for more information.